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KJ Communications, offers a unique, value-added approach for strategic market positioning, product branding and outbound media and marketing programs. The same professional that creates marketing strategies and media programs implements them. This way, clients get the best service and support possible.
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Kella Knack
Kella Knack has resumed her position as President of KJ Communications, a company that she founded in 1994. She has more than 30 years marketing experience for a wide range of companies from small start-ups to multi-million dollar corporations. Over the years, Knack has gained wide-spread recognition for her ability to assist a plethora of companies in developing their long-term strategic positioning goals; developing their marketing messaging and implementing highly successful corporate marketing programs. She recently rejoined KJ Communications after holding an in-house position for a compelling startup company.
As part of her on-going consulting activities,, Knack serves as Vice President of Marketing for Speeding Edge, a firm specializing in engineering consulting and training for the design of high speed printed circuit boards (PCBs) and high speed computer systems. In this position, Knack has been responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining all of the marketing procedures for Speeding Edge as well as overseeing day-to-day business activities for the company. She oversaw the redesign of the company's website - prepared all of the documentation for and implemented the establishment of Speeding Edge as a publishing company; developed all of the company's marketing materials; and managed the company's tradeshow activities. She also established key strategic relationships with companies in Germany and Denmark for conducting the company's courses in Europe; oversaw the expansion of the company's marketing activities into Europe, Canada and Asia; oversaw the editing and publishing of the company's two technical books, "Right the First Time, A Practical Handbook on High Speed PCB and System Design, Volume 1 and 2" and also developed the company's quarterly newsletter, Current Source.
Knack founded KJ Communications in 1994 after having served as a technical editor for various industry trade publications.She served as a strategic advisor for a number of highly successful marketing issues and campaigns for clients that ranged from start-ups to multimillion dollar high-tech companies in the EDA, networking, semiconductor, embedded systems design and database management sectors. Once the marketing programs were defined, she focused her efforts for these clients by coordinating their press activities; and helping with the development of other marketing materials.