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“I have retained KJ Communications continuously since 1996. I brought KJ Communications into Artisan Components, CiraNova and most recently Innovative Silicon. The KJ Communications team knows how to migrate startups from unknown companies to recognized leaders in their market space. They were a big contributor to Artisan’s dominance of the physical library market and the company’s very successful IPO, and KJ Communications has also been a big contributor to Innovative Silicon being recognized as the leader in floating body memory technology. Their good work is recognized by others in the industry too, as I have gotten many compliments on the great PR these companies have received in the past. KJ Communications would be a strong asset to any company – their understanding of the high-tech market, ability to craft compelling messages, and relationships with the media are very valuable.”
-Jeff Lewis, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, (408) 572-8456
— Innovative Silicon, Inc.
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“KJ Communications’ provided amazing service and support to UMC for 10 years, and played a key role in making UMC a recognized leader in the market . Beyond being very proactive with day-to-day PR activities, their ideas helped increase UMC’s visibility with external audiences. Some of their stand-out efforts included initiating a media tour whereby they brought a team of over a dozen editors and analysts to visit UMC’s management, fabs and partners in Taiwan. They also used their skills to give presentations on the company’s behalf at multiple tradeshows. They know how to gain interest and attention from the media and work with internal marketing and engineering personnel to get optimal results.”
-Alex Hinnawi, Director of Corporate Communications — United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)
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"Kella has great marketing instincts and proven processes to ensure her clients' success. She works closely with her clients to develop a corporate communications strategy that has the right balance between what's unique about the client's company to differentiate from the competitive noise and where the market is heading. Customer needs and their particular 'hot buttons' are identified to contrast against a client's position in a market segment at any given point in time. Kella also has a keen sense for the right time for a company to realign its messaging in response to market conditions and then maximize the effectiveness of that messaging and positioning for the long term."
— Ramon Nuñez, former President and CEO — IKOS Systems
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When we first started working with KJ Communications, we faced problems that many companies often do. We had great products that were well liked by our existing customers but we were struggling with how to expand our customer base. We chose to broaden our message, from both a corporate and product level, to differentiate ourselves from the competition and also gain traction beyond our market 'niche.' Kella came up with the idea of calling this new product category Embedded Standard Products. This served to be a successful product and corporate message platform for QuickLogic and it's one that we continue to use today."
— E. Thomas Hart, Chairman, President and CEO — QuickLogic Corporation, Sunnyvale, California

C-Level Systems
"Kella Knack is one of the most talented strategic marketing consultants I know. She has a fantastic ability to lead companies through the process of focusing and communicating what they do best. "
— Dan Skilken, former President and CEO — C-Level Systems